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How Technology can be used to Enrich Education

How Technology can be used to Enrich Education

Schools that have the capacity to welcome back their children before the summer break, may be looking to adapt more easily since the changes over the past few months. Boris Johnson’s goal, is that all primary school children in England should be back in class for a...

Leasing For Business

Leasing For Business

There’s no denying, it can be expensive to invest in new technology outright. The need to move technology forward in your organisation often needs to be balanced by a budget. Leasing helps to spread the cost of your investment over a number of years. For many...

PCI Compliance Explained

PCI Compliance Explained

With new advances in technology; comes new risks. In the decade that the credit card industry went digital, a responsibility to protect handled data from digital fraudsters quite quickly became a priority. For data thieves, a cardholder’s data and sensitive...

Protect your organisation against email threats

Protect your organisation against email threats

In this blog we will examine today’s most pressing email threats and examine best practises for a secure, layered defence strategy.   A Timeline of attacks   Almost everyday we hear about a new phishing/spam/malware/ ransomware attack. These threats are a...

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