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What should be the starting point for IT procurement?

In general, firstly it should be the creation of business requirements. This portion of the process should output requirements, potential value, the future to be created, and the problems to be solved.

The focus is upon calculating the total cost of ownership for a project or initiative. We at Nexus Fusion suggest that too many IT leaders place too much emphasis on the return and not enough on the innovation they need to get out of technology.

Rules of engagement with potential vendors regarding requirements and ROI

Ideally, there should be one point of contact with potential vendors. At the same time, it is essential there is internal alignment across the company as to what is needed before beginning vendor discussions. Nexus Fusion enable customers to navigate their way through the complicated landscape of IT procurement.

How should a decision be made on a vendor?

There is no “best practice” for selecting a vendor. It’s highly variable. And it can be unique to a company or organisation. Nevertheless, we at Nexus Fusion suggest it is important to establish decision-making criteria early in the process. We understand that a vendor decision can be as much a political as a technical question.

With this said, Nexus Fusion has developed and helped organisations deliver better business outcomes in the following areas:

  • Value/ROI
  • Price v Quality
  • Ability to meet relevant standards
  • 5-year total cost of ownership
  • Staff time required for project delivery
  • Understanding of your business
  • Long term corporate vision
  • Support & Previous history
  • Implementation process
  • References & Risk mitigation


Manufacturers and Vendors

We rely on the strong partnerships we’ve created with key manufacturers and vendors in order to meet the needs of our customers.

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As innovative leaders in IT strategy, we provide flexible, expert support and hands on assistance to help you develop your organisation through digital technologies.

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Our all-inclusive IT support service allows businesses to reduce IT costs, stay up to date with the latest IT solutions, reduce risks and focus their resources on the business.

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Referral Programme

Earn referrer rewards for every successfully activated customer referred to us by you.

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“The team at Nexus Fusion were highly professional at all times, easy to work with and made efforts to understand our requirements quickly. Nexus’ approach gave us a great deal of comfort that our requirement was handled correctly to meet challenging timescales”
“We thought the service was excellent. From the expertise of the team through to their communication and attitude we were made to feel as if our programme of work mattered and that Nexus Fusion cared we all got it right”
Epping Forest District Council
“Throughout this engagement Nexus Fusion have proven to be a highly reliable, knowledgeable and agile partner. Their professional manner was refreshing and was undoubtedly a central component of our organisation delivering such a highly successful project”


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