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Your Premier Technology Partner

At Nexus Fusion we provide flexible, expert support and hands on assistance to help you develop your organisation through digital technologies. As innovative leaders in IT strategy, we’re proud to put our first-class knowledge and resources to work for your business and its future opportunities. We can identify issues by providing practical solutions tailored to your business. We ensure that our clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage that has lasting results, transforming your business and achieving your ambitions. No matter how diverse, we will tailor a solution precisely to your needs.

Get IT Innovation up and running –

Most MDs/CEOs we meet have lots of great ideas they believe will benefit their business, but either lack an experienced IT expert to put their ideas into practice or aren’t informed when there’s other, potentially better ways to run with the idea.

An IT strategy that incorporates every aspect of IT –

An IT strategy needs to incorporate every aspect of your IT real estate. Typically, Nexus can present a strategy within a few days of getting started in the business. Our main focus is creating a roadmap as a starting point, so our clients can see our clear plan of action.

Creating a distinct plan and a proposal –

When starting with a project, the first step is to establish what the end goal is and how we can approach this. Our highly skilled Senior Associates are fully competent and can create a path of communication to the Board, creating a clear consensus everyone can get on board with.

We are a team of highly experienced IT leaders who work collectively. Our Associates can do shorter-term work, like developing an IT Roadmap/Plan/Strategy or maybe ensuring your IT governance/compliance framework is current.

We can also perform the role of your outsourced IT Director and/or IT Manager to deliver our strategies and roadmaps to your business.

An honest assessment of your situation and needs –

Nexus Fusion will be able to make a clear and direct judgement of what they think the business needs to improve and also what the business doesn’t need, to cut wasted spends. We won’t sugarcoat our opinion, as this will only hinder the progress you want to see. We can create a plan and supervise the necessary steps to deal with the situation.

We’re fully impartial –

We are fully independent from any solution or supplier, however we are able to recommend suppliers that, from our involvement, have worked well. For serious decisions, we won’t just brush over the process, it will be a full in depth decision making procedure.


Manufacturers and Vendors

We rely on the strong partnerships we’ve created with key manufacturers and vendors in order to meet the needs of our customers.

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We have developed and helped organisation deliver better business outcomes in many areas by supporting businesses with their Procurement and selecting the right vendor.

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Our all-inclusive IT support service allows businesses to reduce IT costs, stay up to date with the latest IT solutions, reduce risks and focus their resources on the business.

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Referral Programme

Earn referrer rewards for every successfully activated customer referred to us by you.

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“The team at Nexus Fusion were highly professional at all times, easy to work with and made efforts to understand our requirements quickly. Nexus’ approach gave us a great deal of comfort that our requirement was handled correctly to meet challenging timescales”
“We thought the service was excellent. From the expertise of the team through to their communication and attitude we were made to feel as if our programme of work mattered and that Nexus Fusion cared we all got it right”
Epping Forest District Council
“Throughout this engagement Nexus Fusion have proven to be a highly reliable, knowledgeable and agile partner. Their professional manner was refreshing and was undoubtedly a central component of our organisation delivering such a highly successful project”


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