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Moving to the cloud for greater agility and lower cost

Organisations in both the private and the public sectors are increasingly seeking alternative ways to manage their enterprise IT. Cloud offers the solution.

IT leaders are facing demands to reduce IT budgets and improve the return on investment (ROI). In today’s always-connected digital enterprise, poor or inconsistent IT service delivery is not tolerated by the business.

Organisations want to be able to operate their IT for longer hours, without adding to their head count. Is there a better way to manage short-term demands such as the ability to “Cloud Burst” services during busy trading periods, such as Christmas in retail?

Can they make use of historic work and demand patterns to automate increasing and decreasing compute power without the need for on-site people monitoring and managing this? With these pressures driving their decisions, enterprises are seeking to take advantage of on-demand IT service provision.

Moving to the cloud on a pay-as-you-use model for utility IT services rather than being tied into long-term contracts offers a number of advantages. It makes IT service provision flexible. IT can adapt to business change quickly and efficiently at a minimal cost. With a cloud solution, IT can drive best value performance from its investments. It can improve the efficiency of its people and processes. And crucially, IT can deliver the high availability of service that the business demands.



Our extensive inventory enables us to receive and sell hardware configurations that can ship same day. We will best meet your company’s needs and find a solution to suit you – leave the hard stuff to us.

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Choosing and procuring the right technology is becoming increasingly complex, that’s why every member of our team is perfectly placed to help you make the right choice for your business needs.

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Your network is the glue that holds your entire infrastructure together. We understand your business challenges and we will design you a solution made from the perfect components.

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Data Centre

Whether you’re a data centre first-timer or need to expand your capacity, we can offer independent expert advice. Your data couldn’t be in better hands.

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“The team at Nexus Fusion were highly professional at all times, easy to work with and made efforts to understand our requirements quickly. Nexus’ approach gave us a great deal of comfort that our requirement was handled correctly to meet challenging timescales”
“We thought the service was excellent. From the expertise of the team through to their communication and attitude we were made to feel as if our programme of work mattered and that Nexus Fusion cared we all got it right”
Epping Forest District Council
“Throughout this engagement Nexus Fusion have proven to be a highly reliable, knowledgeable and agile partner. Their professional manner was refreshing and was undoubtedly a central component of our organisation delivering such a highly successful project”


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